My Ex Just Got A Promotion And Now Makes More Money Than I Do. Can I Stop Paying Child Support In Buffalo?

When your income and your ex’s incomes have reversed and you now earn less in Buffalo, your child support obligation may diminish or end – but not until a judge approves any changes to your child support order.

If you stop paying without court approval, you’ll be in violation of a judge’s orders, and whatever your financial situation or your former spouse’s, you’ll face trouble eventually.

How much your child support payment may reduce has to do with how much of a custodial role you play.

If you and your former spouse have a joint custody agreement and split parenting duties pretty evenly, your payment may drop to zero.

If your former spouse has the majority of parenting duties, you may still owe, but your amount may be less than before.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer can help you understand your situation more fully and take the right actions to get a fair child support payment.

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