Penalties For Aggravated Assault Upon A Person Less Than Eleven Years Old (NY PL 120.12) In Buffalo

Predicate felony offenders are subjected to a higher punishment threshold than those who haven’t already been convicted.

With Aggravated Assault Upon a Person Less Than Eleven Years Old (NY PL 120.12) in Buffalo, the state alleges that you, as an adult, committed the crime of assault in the third degree against a child younger than eleven years old, and that you have a prior conviction in the past ten years for doing so.

While the underlying crime, if committed against an adult, would be prosecuted as a A misdemeanor, the charge you’re facing is an E felony, with a sentence of four years possible if you’re convicted.

Assault charges can be defended in a variety of ways, but when the victim is a young child, your options for defense narrow.

You need the most experienced legal help available, who can help develop a defense that can withstand the scrutiny of the court.

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