Penalties For Stalking In The Fourth Degree (NY PL 120.45) In Buffalo

Stalking crimes are considered quite serious by Buffalo prosecutors, and that’s even true for the lowest grade of a stalking charge, Stalking in the Fourth Degree (NY PL 120.45).

At this level, you’ll face a class B misdemeanor charge, and can be incarcerated for as long as three months.

In addition, a conviction will mean that your victim will have no problem enforcing orders of protection in the future, which puts you at risk of even more serious consequences down the road.

Stalking in the Fourth Degree isn’t the most dangerous criminal charge you can face in Buffalo, but it’s a conviction that will cause you problems when you have to reveal it to potential employers or landlords down the road.

There’s simply no reason to accept a misdemeanor record for conduct that may amount to a simple misunderstanding.

Don’t risk your future on misdemeanor Stalking charges.

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