Rochester Child Support Attorney Explains How You Should Handle Non-Reimbursed Medical Bills

Rochester Child Support AttorneyMany people come to see me as an experienced Rochester Child Support Attorney, with questions about the handling of non-reimbursed medical expenses such as co-pays incurred for your child’s doctor visits or prescriptions. Those two expenses are generally the most frequently addressed. I tell them the law states that these expenses are to be divided on a pro-rata basis – as determined by the incomes of the mom and the dad. If Mom and Dad make the same amount, those expenses would be split 50/50. If one parent makes 60% and the other makes 40% of the couple’s combined income, those unreimbursed medical expenses are shared in that same ratio.

Are you and your child’s other parent dealing with medical bills in which the other won’t pay?  Contact dedicated Rochester Child Support Attorney Michael Ranzenhofer for guidance.

This educational legal blog was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Rochester Child Support Attorney.

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