Rochester Child Support Lawyer Discusses Your Ex Not Paying Child Support

Rochester Child Support LawyerPeople frequently come to me as an experienced Rochester Child Support Lawyer with the complaint that their spouse – or former spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend – is no longer paying ordered child support. Unfortunately, the truth is that, if the other person just stops paying child support, the onus then falls to the one who should be receiving it to take the next step by filing a petition in either the Supreme Court or family court to enforce that child support obligation.

 Once that application is made, the court will then look into the specific circumstances. One thing you’ll ask for is that, going forward, support be paid through child support collection. You’ll ask for a wage deduction to be automatically taken out of the other person’s paycheck so you don’t have to repeat your child support collection battle week after week. The burden is on you in to file that enforcement petition to collect that previously ordered child support.

Is your ex refusing to pay court ordered child support?  Contact dedicated Rochester Child Support Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer for legal advice.

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