Rochester DWI Lawyer Discusses Losing Your Job from an Alcohol Arrest

Rochester DWI Lawyer Discusses Losing Your JobAs a Rochester DWI lawyer, people often ask whether or not they will lose their job because of a DWI. This could result from a number of circumstances. First, if you have a professional medical license such as a nurse with the Department of Education, you may lose your certification. Secondly, if you have a CDL license, which you need to drive to for work, you may lose that license and therefore lose your job or according to your employee handbook, a DWI may results in termination of your employment.

Are you worried about losing your job as a result of a DWI?  If so, contact the experienced Rochester DWI Lawyer Robert Friedman.

This educational post was brought to you by Robert Friedman, an experienced Rochester DWI Lawyer.

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