Seeking Medical Care After An Auto Accident

Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Immediate Medical CareAs an experienced Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer, people often have questions about seeking medical care after an auto accident. A common question people want to know is even though they didn’t go to the hospital right after the accident, can they still awarded compensation? The simple answer to that question is yes. How quickly you receive medical care has less of a bearing than what the nature and the extent of that medical care was when you are treated. Now, certainly that’s a factor to be considered, but the fact that you didn’t immediately go to the emergency room, or the fact that you didn’t go to urgent care right off the bat is not the sole determining factor of your injury case.

A lot of times, we’re hardy people and we don’t want to rush to the hospital, we don’t want to rush to the urgent care facility. We think that we’re going to be okay, just give it a little time, give it a little rest and we’ll be able to get back to work. Sometimes that is the case, but sometimes it’s not. Again, the fact that you haven’t immediately gone to the hospital, or immediately gone to the urgent care is not the final determining factor as to whether or not you have a good injury case.

Do you have questions about seeking medical care after an auto accident? Are you worried about your personal injury case because you didn’t receive immediate medical care? If so, contact experienced Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Ranzenhofer for guidance. He has handled auto accident cases for over 30 years and offers legal consultations for all personal injury matters. Let his experience work for you.

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