Spouse Refuses to Sell the House During a Divorce

If a spouse refuses to sell the house during a divorce what are you to do?  Check out this video and then contact our Rochester divorce lawyers for guidance.

As an experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyer, I am often asked what to do if your spouse will not sell the house in a divorce.

  • What happens with the house is generally a pretty cut and dry issue. One of two things will happen.
  • If one party wants to buy out the other’s interest, that person will buy out the other – at an agreed-upon value – and the deed will be transferred to the buyer.
  • If neither party buys the other out, the house will be sold.
  • If one person refuses to cooperate, an application is made to the court, and the court orders the home sold.
  • Neither party can block the sale of the home by refusing to list it or sign the deed because a court order can order the home listed and sold – and it can further order transfer of its ownership.

This educational legal video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyer.

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