Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Unlawful Possession Of Marijuana (Marihuana) (NY PL 221.05) Charges In The Buffalo, NY Area

Unlawful Possession Of Marijuana

If you are caught with a small amount of marijuana that is out of sight and not burning in Buffalo, you will be charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (NY PL 221.05).

The charge is basically a catch-all for people who are found with some pot, but not in a quantity high enough to elicit more serious charges, and which is not packaged for sale.

Unlawful Possession of Marijuana in Buffalo is a violation, not a crime, meaning that conviction will result in a $100 fine.

This is great news for a defendant, but you shouldn’t discount the opportunities that you have to avoid conviction entirely when you work with an experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney.

Police and prosecutors are required to provide the court with a laboratory analysis confirming that the substance in question is marijuana, and in violation cases, that step is often skipped, which can result in your case being dismissed.

If you have previous drug crime convictions under NY PL 221.05, you may face a sentence as long as 15 days with a $250 fine.

While not the most serious charge out there, the attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer can provide a defense that may mean you never have to face a conviction.

Call us today at 716-542-5444 for a legal consultation with an experienced Buffalo unlawful possession of marijuana defense attorney.

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