Violation of Probation

Violation of ProbationFor less serious crimes, the state of New York will authorize probation in lieu of jail time if they think the defendant is unlikely to end up in trouble again. However, violation of probation is a serious crime in itself. If you have been caught violating any of the terms of your probation, you should contact an experienced Rochester probation violation attorney right away.

Your odds of avoiding jail time will improve if you have competent and intelligent representation on your side. At Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC, an experienced Rochester probation violation attorney will work to ensure that the terms of your probation aren’t changed to make life even harder on you.

Probation Requirements

Courts have a lot of discretion in the terms they can apply to your probation, and nearly as much discretion in sanctioning you for violating those terms. Here’s some of what a judge may require of you during probation, and why it can be hard to stick to the letter of your probation terms 100% of the time, while employed or in school:

  • Avoiding bad habits, like drugs or alcohol
  • Becoming or remaining employed or in school
  • Paying restitution and performing community service
  • Avoiding “past associates” – like your friends – and staying out of places you may have ties to
  • Receiving counseling or other help for problems like substance abuse
  • Being engaged with family and community responsibilities

Defending Against Violation of Probation

The team at Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC are some of the most experienced attorneys you will find in the entire Rochester area. We have decades of experience both prosecuting and representing clients who have violated their probation. We are hands down, your best bet in presenting your story to the court in a way that makes clear that you:

  • Did not intentionally violate the terms of your probation
  • Are not likely to re-offend
  • Can be trusted to continue your rehabilitation and restitution as a probationer
  • Continue to warrant a role in the community

If there are areas of your probation agreement that aren’t working for you, a dedicated Rochester probation violation attorney may be able to work with the prosecution to negotiate terms that are easier for you to meet and make you less likely to violate. Contact our office today.

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