Criminal Attorney For Assault In The First Degree (NY PL 120.10) In Buffalo

If you’ve been charged with Assault in the First Degree (NY PL 120.10) in Buffalo, it means that prosecutors believe they can prove that you intended to cause serious physical injury to a person, that you did cause serious physical injury to them, and that the injuries were the result of your use of a weapon or dangerous instrument.

Assault in the First Degree is an extremely serious charge in Buffalo, and conviction can result in a prison sentence of at least five years, but even first offenders run the risk of facing the maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Assault in the First Degree is one of the most serious crimes that can be charged in New York, and anyone facing prosecution under NY PL 120.10 should seek experienced legal help right away.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer have been providing exacting criminal defense in Buffalo for decades, and can protect your rights while building a strong case in your defense.

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