What Is In The Waiver Required By The Buffalo DMV To Enter The Drinking Driver Program?

A Buffalo resident convicted of drinking and driving with no prior offenses may apply for participation in the Drinking Driver Program (DDP).

Participation in the DDP is required to obtain a conditional driver’s license to continue driving for work, school, medical treatment and other necessities.

The DMV will inform a convicted driver whether he or she is eligible to participate in the DDP. Eligible drivers who wish to enroll in the program will be required to sign a waiver, which must be filed with the DMV before participation will be allowed.

This waiver states that the driver agrees:

(1) to accept and abide by all conditions contained on a conditional driver’s license, if one is issued;
(2) to complete the DDP, including referrals for evaluation and treatment;
(3) to pay all fees required for the DDP;
(4) the driver’s license suspension or revocation for which the driver was enrolled in the program shall be re-imposed for its full period if any conditional driver’s license issued is revoked or the driver fails to satisfactorily complete the DDP; and
(5) that before the issuance of a conditional driver’s license, and before the reinstatement or return of an unconditional driver’s license, the driver will satisfy any other outstanding suspensions or bars to holding a driver’s license, such as suspensions for failure to answer traffic summonses.

It is important to understand your rights and obligations to continue driving following a DWI arrest.

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