4 Commonly Asked Divorce Questions

As dedicated Rochester Divorce Lawyers focusing on family law, we often come across these 4 commonly asked divorce questions.

4 Commonly Asked Divorce Questions1. How much does a divorce cost?

  • If the divorce is very simple – uncontested – the typical fee is about $2,000, plus filing fees.
  • If issues involving children or money require negotiation – or court intervention – a typical fee can be about $4,500, but may be more or less. Every case is different.

2. How long does it take to get divorce?

  • A relatively quick divorce in Rochester may be completed in four to eight months.
  • If the parties disagree on significant issues – such as children, money, or property – the divorce could take as long as a year to two years.

3. What are the most important issues in your case?

  • In an initial divorce consultation, the two most important issues are children and money.
  • The client wants to know who’s going to have custody of the children, where they will live, how they will be supported, and who will pay for their health insurance.
  • Other important issues – such as the house, vehicles and retirement accounts – involve property and money.
  • Debts, including credit card debt, are also included among property issues.

4. Do you need a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage?

  • Decisions about whether or not to have a prenuptial agreement is a personal preference.
  • The couple would do best to agree on what they want to happen in the event their marriage does not work out before they marry.
  • If both parties enter into an agreement freely, after full financial disclosure, having the prenuptial in place is preferable to not doing so.

Are you going through the divorce process and have been thinking one of these 4 commonly asked divorce questions?  Contact our dedicated Rochester Divorce Lawyers today to set up a legal consultation.

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