4 Personal Injury Questions

Did you or a loved one get injured due to another’s negligence? Read these 4 personal injury questions, then call our Rochester attorneys now.

Will My Personal Injury Case go to Trial?

  • 4 Personal Injury QuestionsFrom my 30+ years of experience handling personal injury cases, I can say that most cases don’t go to trial.
  • A majority of cases are settled before the trial starts.
  • We have a reputation with the insurance companies of being strong litigators who won’t settle for less than what our clients deserve.

Should I take the First Settlement Offer?

  • If the insurance company makes an offer of settlement to you, you should go over the offer with an experienced attorney
  • If the settlement is a fair offer, we will advise you to take it
  • A lot of the times though, insurance companies will make an offer before the injuries really develop in an effort to low ball you

Do I Have to Sue in a Personal Injury Case?

  • The easy answer to this is no
  • The most important thing is that you get your injuries taken care of

Can I still Receive Recovery without Immediate Medical Care?

  • You don’t have to receive immediate medical care if you want make a personal injury claim for your injury
  • The most important thing is to prove that the injuries are from the accident

Have you or a loved one been severely injured due to another’s negligence and have questions? If so, then contact our experienced Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer after reading our 4 personal injury questions for a legal consultation.

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