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Can My Ex Bring My Child’s Grandparents To Visitation In Buffalo If I Don’t Want Them There?

The issue of grandparents’ rights to visit after a divorce is a complicated one, because while grandparents have no independent right to visitation, your former spouse has wide latitude within the scope of the custody agreement you’ve signed. If the agreement doesn’t specify the exclusion of your former spouse’s parents, or otherwise address the issue […]

When Both Parents Agree A Modification Of Custody Is Needed In Buffalo, Which Parent Should File The Petition?

Either parent can petition Family Court for a modification of child custody in Buffalo, and when the parents agree that there is a need, and agree on the details of the modification, the petition should move smoothly through the court. There’s no particular advantage to be had in one parent filing as opposed to the […]

My Ex-Spouse Wants Me To Take Custody Of My Son But Not My Daughter. Do I Need A Court Order, And Do I Still Need To Pay Child Support In Buffalo?

When your ex-spouse wants you to take physical custody of one of your children, you should seek two modifications in Family Court in Buffalo. First, you’ll want a court order that overrides the existing custody agreement and reflects your changed status with your son. Second, you should request a modification to child support to reflect […]

Can my contested divorce in Rochester become an uncontested divorce?

Yes, a contested divorce can become an uncontested divorce at any point – and vice versa – if you and your spouse can reach a negotiated agreement on whatever issues are outstanding. At the Preliminary Conference, the two sides will go through a checklist of items relevant to your divorce to see what elements you […]

My Rochester Divorce Attorney Wants Me To File A No-Fault Divorce, But My Spouse Cheated. What Should I Do?

Using the no-fault grounds, called Irretrievable Breakdown in New York, is likely to be your fastest and most cost effective path to a divorce, even if your spouse is at fault because of infidelity. It may feel like you’re missing a chance to have a judge ratify the case against your spouse, but the truth […]

Do Marital Assets Continue To Accrue During A Divorce In Buffalo?

As a general proposition, no, marital assets do not accrue during a divorce in Buffalo, but the particulars of a given purchase can cause complications during a divorce. When you file, the court will endeavor to lock things like your financial picture in place, and valuations of property, retirement accounts, and other assets and debts […]

When I File For Divorce, Will My Spouse Be Ordered To Leave Our House In Buffalo?

Except in cases of domestic violence, your spouse will not be ordered to leave your home in Buffalo when you file for divorce. If you are dealing with abuse in the home, you can ask the court for an order of protection as part of your filing. Your spouse will be ordered to leave and […]

Can I Seek A Custody Modification In Buffalo Immediately After My Divorce?

You can seek a custody modification in Buffalo when your circumstances change significantly and make the existing custody agreement untenable. If this happens immediately after your divorce, such as by getting a job offer in another city or state, that is grounds to take your issue before a judge for a new hearing. Generally speaking, […]

Is Child Support Tax Deductible To The Payer In Rochester?

No, child support is not tax deductible to the payer, nor taxable income to the recipient. Spousal maintenance (alimony) is tax deductible to the paying spouse and taxable income to the recipient spouse, but when it comes to the costs of raising a child, the IRS treats your child support payments the way it would […]