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Is Spousal Maintenance A Part Of Every Divorce Settlement In Rochester?

No, spousal maintenance isn’t a required part of a divorce, and as more couples with similar earning power get married and then divorce, spousal maintenance is becoming more and more optional in negotiated settlements. In most marriages though, it’s easy to show a pattern of educational or professional sacrifices made by one spouse, to benefit […]

Can We Set Up Spousal Maintenance To Provide Supplementary Income Until My Kids Graduate High School In Buffalo?

In most cases, spousal maintenance is awarded for a set period of time, usually a number of years, and tying it to something like your children moving out may be appropriate. The important thing is not to confuse spousal maintenance with child support, which the non-custodial spouse is required to pay in every case, and […]

Can Spousal Maintenance In Buffalo Be Structured To Allow Me To Finish My Degree?

Yes, so-called durational spousal maintenance can be ordered so that you’ll have the resources to complete a degree and find work in your chosen field. Five year awards are very common, and it’s typically very easy to demonstrate to the court that maintenance used in this manner will result in your ability to thrive, economically […]

How Long Will I Receive Spousal Maintenance After I Divorce In Buffalo?

Spousal maintenance awards vary considerably in Buffalo, and there’s no statutory formula to guide judges, as there is with child support. Judges examine each case on its merits, and consider a variety of factors in deciding how much spousal maintenance should be awarded, and for how long. Judges consider things like the length of the […]

What Information Does A DWI Lawyer In The Buffalo Area Need When First Meeting A Client?

As experienced Buffalo DWI lawyers, we understand that most people arrested for Driving While Intoxicated are not familiar with the legal system and do not know where to start. Generally, we have found that our first meeting with a potential client goes much more smoothly if the client is prepared to provide the following information. […]

Why Do Some People In The Buffalo Area Arrested For DWI Get Two Tickets?

When a Buffalo driver is arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, the arresting officer will provide the driver with a document called a Uniform Traffic Ticket which sets forth basic information such as the offense allegedly committed, the time and location of the alleged offense, the name and address of the court where the charge will […]

What Is A Victim Impact Panel in the Buffalo Area?

A Buffalo driver convicted of drinking and driving will find that, in some areas, the court has broad discretion when crafting a sentence. In addition to the expected consequences of fines and potential jail time or probation, the court may impose additional penalties aimed at educating or rehabilitating the defendant for the purpose of curbing […]

Can Someone In The Buffalo Area Be Arrested For DWI On Private Property?

As Buffalo DWI defense lawyers, we would never advise anyone to drive a vehicle after having consumed too much alcohol, even if it is not actually illegal to do so. Drinking and driving is not always illegal on private property, but this does not make it a good idea. Under older versions of New York […]

Will The Judge Want My Young Child To Testify About Custody In Our Rochester Divorce?

It’s extremely unlikely that a Rochester judge will order a young child to testify on the stand in a divorce matter. Judges take the protection of children in divorce very seriously, and while older teens are sometimes asked to testify about custody matters, children of all ages are usually handled in a very different way. […]