Defense Lawyer For An Arrest For Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance In The Fifth Degree (NY PL 220.06) In The Buffalo, NY Area

Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance In The Fifth Degree

It’s a fact of life that a lot of people in Buffalo use controlled substances recreationally, and while some may have substance abuse problems, it’s hard to see how criminal sanctions are the answer when someone is caught with a small amount of a controlled substance.

With Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Fifth Degre

e (NY PL 220.06), Buffalo prosecutors have filed a D Felony charge against you, which carries a sentence of at least a year, and as long as seven years.

You may feel like you only had a tiny amount of drugs when you were arrested, but that’s not how prosecutors see it at all.

There are a number of ways to draw charges of Fifth Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

The statute refers to “knowingly and unlawfully possessing”:

● a controlled substance with the intent to sell it
● a narcotic mixture or preparation weighing one-half ounce or more
● phencyclidine (PCP or Angel Dust) weighing fifty milligrams or more
● a mixture or preparation containing concentrated cannabis (hashish) weighing one-fourth of an ounce or more
● cocaine in the amount of five hundred milligrams or more
● ketamine in the amount of more than one thousand milligrams
● GHB in the amount of 28 grams or more
● any amount of ketamine when a previous ketamine conviction exists.

As you can see, Buffalo prosecutors aren’t playing games when it comes to possessing even small amounts of drugs.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer can protect you from serious drug charges in Buffalo. Call 716-542-5444 today for a legal consultation regarding criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree.

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