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Forming a new business or improving upon an established one can be tricky. If you are looking for business law tips, speaking to an attorney can be extremely beneficial. In the meantime, here is some advice from our attorney.

Business Law Tips | Starting a Business

As a Rochester Business Attorney for 37 years, I recommend that clients use our services instead of online services to form their businesses. There’s many issues involved that we have experience with in forming a business and many technical requirements. To have it properly done, I recommend you use an attorney.

Business Law Tips | S Corp & C Corp

As a Rochester Business Attorney, clients often ask me what the difference is between a C Corp and an S Corp in New York State. Basically, they are both formed the same way with filing a certificate of incorporation with Albany. The S Corp’s main difference is after the certificate is filed, the business owner files a S Corp election with New York State and the federal government so that it will be a pass-through to avoid double taxation.

Business Law Tips | Best Forms of Doing Business

As a Rochester Business Attorney, I am often asked by my clients who are starting up a business what is the best form of business. I recommend that they speak with their accountant, but the three basic forms are partnerships, which provide no liability protection, these are filed with the county clerk; limited liability companies; and corporations.

Business Law Tips | Forming an LLC

As a Rochester Business Lawyer, clients often ask how to form a limited liability company or LLC in New York. The LLC is formed by filing articles of organization with the New York Department of State and thereafter publishing a legal notice for six weeks in a daily newspaper and a weekly newspaper. We will also assist clients with preparing the operating agreement, the membership certificate, and all the necessary meeting minutes.

If you are looking for more business law tips, please call our experienced Rochester business lawyers today to schedule your consultation.

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