Criminal Defense Attorneys For Criminal Possession Of Precursors Of Controlled Substances (NY PL 220.60) In Buffalo

Criminal Possession Of Precursors Of Controlled Substances

Possession of the chemical precursors of various controlled dangerous substances with the intent of manufacturing those substances is charged as Criminal Possession of Precursors of Controlled Substances (NY PL 220.60) by prosecutors in Buffalo.

The charge itself is a Class E Felony punishable by up to four years in prison, but in cases involving chemical precursors, there are usually other charges related to the manufacture or distribution of the end product.

Suffice it to say, a Criminal Possession of Precursors charge puts you at grave risk for significant criminal sanction, and a lifetime with a felony drug conviction on your record for everyone to see – including potential employers and landlords.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer have decades of experience defending our clients in Buffalo from even the most serious drug charges.

If you or a family member need help with criminal possession of precursors of controlled substances charges, call us today at 716-542-5444 and speak to an experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney for free.

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