Penalties For Criminal Sale Of Marijuana (Marihuana) In The Fourth Degree (NY PL 221.40) In Buffalo

Sales of even small amounts of marijuana remain a crime in Buffalo, and if you’re caught selling more than two grams or one joint of marijuana, but less than 25 grams, you can be charged with Criminal Sale of Marijuana in the Fourth Degree (NY PL 221.40).

This is an A misdemeanor that can carry a sentence of up to one year, though for many defendants, there are alternative approaches that can save you from jail and even a criminal record.

Your best chance of avoiding the worst criminal penalties is in working with experienced attorneys who know how to deal with prosecutors and judges in Buffalo.

The attorneys at Friedman Ranzenhofer have been helping people get the best outcomes in their criminal cases in Buffalo since 1955, and we can help you.

If you or a family member need help with Criminal Sale Of Marijuana (Marihuana) In The Fourth Degree charges, call 585-484-7432 today and speak to an experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney for free.

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