Penalties For Facilitating A Sex Offense With A Controlled Substance (NY PL 130.90) In Buffalo

Using so-called “date rape drugs” with the intent of committing a felony sex offense against another person is a serious crime in Buffalo.

Under NY PL 130.90, Facilitating a Sex Offense with a Controlled Substance, possessing a prescription drug or a compound or mixture containing a prescription drug, administering it to another person without their consent, with the intention of committing a felony sex offense, is a class D felony and can put you in prison for as long as seven years.

Allegations of sex crimes are ruinous to any person’s reputation, and it’s vital that you take steps right away to protect yourself and your future.

The attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer are some of Buffalo’s most experienced criminal defense attorneys, with more than six decades devoted to protecting people in our community.

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