Penalties For Forcible Touching (NY PL 130.52) In Buffalo

While many people think of misdemeanor charges as something like getting a traffic ticket, the truth is that they are potentially much more serious than you may expect.

As a class A misdemeanor, Forcible Touching (NY PL 130.52) can carry a sentence of up to one year in Buffalo, and conviction can put you at serious risk of enhanced criminal penalties if you’re charged with similar conduct in the future.

Charges of Forcible Touching must be taken seriously, and you should not endeavor to negotiate with prosecutors or fight in court without an experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney at your side.

At Friedman & Ranzenhofer, our team has protected the rights and freedom of people charged with crimes in Buffalo since 1955.

We are among the most experienced criminal defense lawyers you’ll find in Buffalo, and we can help you.

If you need help with Forcible Touching charges, call us today at 585-484-7432 for a legal consultation with an experienced Buffalo defense attorney.

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