Questions About Dealing with Insurance Companies

Questions About Dealing with Insurance CompaniesUnless you have been involved in a personal injury case before, you will probably have a few questions about dealing with insurance companies. At Friedman & Ranzenhofer, our experienced Rochester injury attorneys will make sure you are protected from the bullying tactics of insurance carriers. We never settle for less. To receive maximum compensation for your accident case, contact our office today.

What Should I Expect from the Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies aren’t filled with “bad people,” and they’re not inherently malicious or cruel. But the insurance company isn’t your friend, either. Insurance companies are businesses that make money by minimizing risks and payouts. In practical terms, that means that when accidents happen, insurance companies deploy a team of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys to protect “their” money. Statistics show that victims without lawyers get an average of three times less than victims who do hire lawyers to handle their personal injury cases. You’ll be battling against a team of experts. You’ll also want an expert on your side, to fight for your fair compensation.

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Should I Accept the Initial Settlement Offer?

Sometimes a representative of an insurance company will reach out to the victim of a personal injury with an early settlement offer. This may be a perfectly legitimate, just, and even generous offer – or it may not. In any case, it’s best to consult your attorney and to wait before responding or accepting. If you’ve been injured, you won’t be healed overnight. If you’ve been offered an early settlement, you should wait to see how your injuries heal, adjust for complications that arise, and let some of the other particulars of your case play out. Once your recovery seems to be progressing, your attorney can help you come to a decision about an early settlement offer.

If you are having trouble dealing with insurance companies after an injury in Rochester, please contact our office right away. We have extensive experience dealing with these types of cases and will make sure you receive full and fair compensation.

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