Questions About Forming a Business

Do you have questions about forming a business? Our experienced Rochester business lawyer answers some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

Questions About Forming a Business | What are the Best Forms of Business?

As an experienced Rochester business attorney, start-ups often ask me what the best forms of businesses are. The three basic forms of business are partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. I’d recommend speaking with your accountant to see which form is best for your specific company.

Questions About Forming a Business | How Can I Form an LLC?

Clients often ask how they can form a limited liability company—or LLC—in New York. I tell them that we can form an LLC by filing articles of organization with Albany. We will additionally draft an operating agreement and membership certificates. Next, we will publish a legal notice in the newspaper for six weeks to complete the process.

Questions About Forming a Business | What Is a Buy-Sell Agreement?

As an experienced Rochester business lawyer, clients often ask whether or not they should have a buy-sell agreement. I recommend to clients that they use a corporate buy-sell agreement which provides all of the details in the event the shareholder needs to sell his or her stock.

Questions About Forming a Business | What Is a Shareholder Agreement?

Our clients often ask whether they should have a shareholder agreement. I tell them that it is very important to have a shareholder agreement, as it provides a number of things if the shareholder dies, becomes disabled, or no longer wishes to work for the company. Contact our office today if you are thinking about drafting a shareholder agreement.

If you have any questions about forming a business, please contact our experienced Rochester business lawyers. We can provide legal advice and support at a fraction of the cost.

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