Restoring Your Driving Privileges

Restoring Your Driving PrivilegesIf you have recently been charged with a traffic violation, you may be wondering if hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is in your best interests. It’s best not to hesitate — choosing one of our dedicated Rochester traffic ticket lawyers can make the difference between restoring your driving privileges and a year’s worth of headaches.

Restoring Your Driving Privileges | Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you think that getting speeding tickets over and over again is not going to have a huge impact on your life, you need to reconsider that type of thinking.  If you are convicted of three misdemeanor traffic tickets in an 18-month span your license will be revoked for as long as 6 months. If your license has been suspended or revoked, you are required to physically turn it over to the court or the DMV for the duration of the penalty. Your suspension or revocation doesn’t actually begin until you surrender your license, so if you’re walking around with a suspended driver’s license in your wallet, you haven’t even started your suspension period!

The experienced Rochester traffic ticket lawyers at Friedman & Ranzenhofer have helped hundreds of people from the Rochester community rightfully fight back against DMV penalties, suspensions, and revocations. Our attorneys can help you get your license back and restored. Let the attorneys at Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC try your case.  We will minimize the damages so if something happens later down the road you will not have a serious infraction on your prior record.  We do not want the penalties to add up.

Restoring Your Driving Privileges | CDL Violations

A suspension or revocation of a license for a commercial vehicle operator is even more serious than the average civilian losing their license.  This could mean a loss of a job or revenue to help provide for your family. The Rochester traffic ticket lawyers at Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC will help you make sure that penalties are minimized, with the goal in mind that you will not lose your job. We will fight for you to keep your CDL by whatever means necessary.

If you’re worried about a possible license suspension, points on your license, insurance rate hikes, or losing your CDL, we can help. For decades, Friedman & Ranzenhofer has helped countless drivers in WNY keep their license, lower their insurance costs, and restore their driving privileges. Contact our office today to schedule a legal consultation.

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