NY Landlord Awarded Rent Judgement

A black letter rule of New York law prohibits awarding the landlord a money judgment for unpaid rents unless the tenant was personally served with the eviction papers (notice of petition and petition).

Service may be made in one of three ways:

(1) personal service (directly on the tenant);

(2) substituted service (directly on some other person of suitable age and discretion residing or employed at the same address);

(3) conspicuous “nail and mail” service (affixing copies on a conspicuous part of the property).  Methods 2 and 3 also require mailing.

The Niagara County, New York Court ruled that courts have the power to enter a money judgment against a tenant who defaults after receiving a petition and notice of petition by substituted or conspicuous, rather than personal, service if:

(1) at least two reasonable attempts were made to serve the tenant before resorting to these methods of service; and (2) Within one business day after such alternative service, a copy of the eviction papers was mailed to the tenant both by registered or certified mail and by regular first class mail.

Furthermore, in order to obtain a money judgment for attorneys’ fees and other incidental expenses (e.g. late fees) beyond traditional rent owed, the lease must identify these damages as “additional rent.

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