Smoke Detectors in Rochester

This educational legal video about smoke detectors in Rochester was brought to you by Robert Friedman, an experienced Rochester Landlord Tenant Lawyer.

  • Now that carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors in Rochester are widely required, they represent a huge potential liability for landlords; therefore, it is important to maintain accurate records of smoke detectors and their maintenance.
  • One effective tool for documenting tenants’ acknowledgement that smoke detectors are working is the move-in/move-out checklist.
  • Tenants sometimes remove batteries from smoke detectors to avoid the nuisance of replacing them – or because they need the batteries for something else.
  • Insurance companies often require landlords to install hard-wired smoke detectors – or to conduct periodic inspections as often as monthly.
  • Although hard-wired smoke detectors are a good option, landlords must monitor and maintain smoke detectors or risk considerable liability.

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